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We all know that India was partitioned in 1947 and while some would call it "The Year of the Lion", the others would call it "The Year of the Rat". It affected hundreds of millions of human lives. But since then very little thought has been given to the reasons, the circumstances and the consequences of Partition for all the people of the sub continent ever since.

World War 2 had been a bitter struggle for life and death of the United Kingdom, India's imperialist masters at the time and their Indian colony was assured of independence as a reward for their support to defeat the AXIS Powers (Germany, Italy and Japan). Not all the political parties in India supported the war effort. All India Congress Party under the leadership of Mr. MK ("Mahatma") Gandhi and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru were conspicuously opposed to the continuing British rule over India and had become an obstacle. There had been widespread civil disobedience across the country, particularly in Maharashtra, UP and Bihar. However, All India Muslim League, the party claiming to speak for all the Indian Muslims remained neutral.

With long memory and a spirit of vengeance the British decided to leave India but only after partitioning it between the Muslims and the Hindus. However, since All India Congress Party continued to insist on speaking on behalf of all the Indians, including the Muslims, the term "Hindus" became "The Rest".

By this insistence of All-India Congress Party, the Muslims were rewarded with FIVE provinces of India while the Hindus ended up with nothing. Hindu religion was not enshrined in her Constitution as the State Religion. India still remained under Congress Party that was committed to the rights of the Muslims as much as to the rights of the Hindus. In this equation, the unfortunate Hindus became twice losers.

Islamic Pakistan set about total ethnic cleansing of the non Muslim minorities while the Rest of India became secular and protective of Muslim life, property, constitutional rights and safeguards. It is this fact that has continuously soured relations between the two communities in PI (Partitioned India).

Since Congress Party were in absolute control of PI, they could simply brainwash their subjects into forgetting Partition and, instead, to look at the achievements of its own leaders in driving the British out of India. The subservient "Indian coolie" media continued to champion the new ideology of make-believe world in which a fragment of India is still called "India", SOUTH Kashmir is still known as "Kashmir" and the small fragment of the original grand province of The Punjab is still known as "Punjab". The people of India really swallowed the Congress bait "hook, line and sinker".

Pandit Nehru, aware of his High Treason, set about playing the tunes of "Hindu-Muslim Bhai Bhai", Secularism, adoration of Gandhi and his Ahimsa Parmo Dharma, lulling the people into accepting his Dynasty as the legitimate and rightful rulers of India for ever. Thus he could successfully prevent any inquisitive patriotic eyes from probing into his treacherous role at Partition.

In due course of time Nehru Dynasty acquired so much power over the people of India that more of them saw their salvation in worshipping Nehru and his politically convenient mentor Gandhi, rather than questioning his role at Partition or his secularism and morality. The Gandhis, as the Nehru Dynasty came to be known to further mislead and fool the people as to their real genealogy and ideology, had a paranoia about freedom of speech. They controlled the media, particularly Broadcasting, that is crucial in an
illiterate country like India, and closely watched any journalist and editor "stepping beyond the line". They put their foot down on 1947 and all what happened to the ordinary people of India in that year.

Whatever was to smear their fair name in the world, was ruthlessly ELIMINATED or CRUSHED. Some dare devil democrats and champions of freedom of speech were severely punished during the Emergency declared by Pandit Nehru's daughter in 1975. It was a hammering that was to keep the nation's HEAD DOWN for another quarter of a century.

There were two unfortunate consequences of this Suppression of Truth about Partition. Firstly, the guilty were never punished and secondly no official report was commissioned on PARTITION to list the losses- both HUMAN and MATERIAL, or record the political consequences like the wars over Kashmir. Nothing was put down in the Constitution enacted under Nehru's close scrutiny on 26 January 1950 about reunification of the country. The questions, "What direction will India, Pakistan and Bangladesh be going?" and, "What will be the consequences of that for peace in all parts of former India?" have never been answered.

As a result of this extreme suspicion of 'people power', the two new States bore the brunt of brutality. It meant that Nehru Dynasty were beyond Law and NO enquiry could be conducted about their treason and corruption at and after Partition. No one could question their vast wealth in the shape of bank accounts and properties in India and abroad, and the various "foundations" that siphon off nation's savings in a big but unseen way. SOUTH Kashmir and EAST Punjab have remained afflicted with militancy that has held life to ransom. Both States are related in an ironic way, being the illegitimate product of Partition.

The website www.partitionofindia.com is the PEOPLE'S own site with two aims-

1. Give the people the chance to tell the others of their personal experiences and memories of that fateful year when MILLIONS were uprooted from their ancestors' territory.
2. Offer indictment of the political leaders of the time who are otherwise beyond reproach and criticism. We hear the term "Father of the Nation" applied blindly in the case of both Jinnah and Gandhi. On THIS site the PEOPLE will look at the roles fathers play in the family and whether these two men were really entitled to be called "fathers" since they were more the victims of their own personal ambitions, mutual rivalries and animosities and the invisible hand of the Imperialist Overlords overhead.

You are invited to recall those days and if you were born after 1947 or have no clear memory, then please ask those who were well aware of what was happening then. The best people to set the PEOPLE'S record straight are the elderly in our communities, our parents and grandparents and anyone else who can narrate truthfully and as objectively as possible, as to what happened before, during and after the partition of India. Personal stories like witnessing burning properties, abduction and rape of girls, killing of people, ambushes and the long convoys and their arrival at new and
unfamiliar places, the modes of travel and escape, are all important to be recorded for posterity. We should not have to live under the remorse that "they scattered and vanished like the ants when floods devastate their colony."

On this List all are invited to contribute- not any one particular group or denomination. It is for the Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and Atheists as much as for the Muslims and the Christians, and anyone else. These ought to be true recollections and honest views and impressions.